Do Actors Really KissWe watch films and worry about the characters as if they were our loved ones. Often, their sincere romantic feelings become the culmination of watching. What if not a kiss conveys the whole range of emotions of lovers, and it is the kiss that convinces us of their sincerity. And if you are interested in how actors achieve the result of complete credibility, as well as other interesting facts, you should read this article to the end.

Do Actors Really Kiss?

It is worth considering what kind of kiss is in question and what conditions actors set. However, yes, actors often do actually kiss. A friendly kiss or a passionate kiss, a kiss full of tenderness and care — close-up kisses are quite real because the viewer will immediately notice a fake.

Do Actors Practice Kissing?

If actors are young or do not know each other, meetings and conversations take place before shooting kisses as a rule. Such activities are very important and help in preparation. You see, kissing a stranger is a bit of a really awkward thing. It is even worse if you have to reshoot several times because of little things like nose collisions or unnecessary movements. However, if the director expects genuine surprise or embarrassment, he/she can go to the trick and shoot hot scenes immediately after the actors meet.

But as practice and the long history of the best films show, it does not hurt for an actor to feel a little in love — it is much easier to play passion when a person is drawn to his/her stage partner.

How Do Actors Fake Kiss?

How Do Actors Kiss When They Are MarriedAll actors know the process of filming in detail, which allows them to get this or that scene. If for some reason, it is not possible or not necessary to do a real kiss, cameramen, illuminators, and even modern computer technology come to the rescue. The actors prepare and agree on when and how to tilt their heads towards each other, specifically paying attention to additional actions like stroking the neck, hair, and back. The close hugs of the characters play a huge role as well. Due to a well-thought-out angle, the work of the cameramen, and the final processing of the frame, it is quite possible to shoot even the most passionate kiss without the “too close” interaction between the two actors.

How Do Actors Kiss When They Are Married?

Frequently, the spouses of the actors are also employees of the film industry, and therefore, jealousy scenes do not happen so often. But there are also many scenes where the kissing partners are played by the wives of the actors, with the necessary makeup and from the right angle. In any case, the actor is a professional.

Can Actors Refuse to Kiss?

Of course, actors can refuse to kiss. There are many cases when artists refused to perform because they were sick, disliked each other and provided discomfort, or simply did not want to upset their loved ones.

How Do Actors Perform Kissing Scenes?

Do Actors Practice KissingLove scenes in films are staged and thought out to the smallest detail. The director explains what he/she wants from this kiss, and what will be the atmosphere of the whole scene. As a rule, the actors have a clear idea of how everything should happen and have an action plan. They receive instructions on whether the kiss should be soft and romantic or a bit rough but passionate. It is also worth understanding that often, more than one take is shot before the final “brilliant” frame is approved for the film.

How Much Do Actors Get Paid for Kissing Scenes?

It should be understood that actors are not paid for specific scenes. Before the start of filming, contracts are drawn up and signed, in which all the conditions for filming, fees, and other details are prescribed.