Scare actors are essential to a frightening haunted house or any horror attraction. Without them, the level of fear would not be nearly as high. The way that scare actors deliver their lines can make or break the experience for visitors. If you’re thinking about becoming a scare actor this year, read on for advice from those who’ve been there. We get it: Theatrical performances aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. But when you apply that thinking to a terrifying thrill experience where guests pay $25 per ticket to scream in fear and run for their lives? Well… It makes things just that much creepier! If you love being scared, then learning to scare with your words will come in handy this Halloween season. These scare actor tips will help take your performance from good to off-the-charts terrifying.

  1. Get out.
  2. I’m hungry.
  3. Come play.
  4. I’m here.
  5. Haha.

Don’t ad-lib… ever!

When you’re on the job, there’s no room for creativity. The script you’re given is the script you have to follow, no matter how silly it may seem. Any deviation from the script will mess up the flow of scenes, confuse your fellow scare actors, and even lead to someone getting hurt. Ad-libbing will leave your manager with no recourse, and you’ll be unlikely ever to get a gig with that company again.

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Scare Actor Lines

Know your script inside and out

To scare visitors to your haunted house, you must know your character inside and out. Every detail is essential, from your character’s appearance to their mannerisms and line delivery. If you memorize your script, you’ll be able to deliver your character’s lines quickly, even when you’re in the middle of a frightening encounter. Given the nature of your job, interaction with guests is inevitable — and you want to ensure you’re prepared for all questions.

Use your body to show your character’s mood

Though you’ll be using words to scare your victims, you can add much value to your performance with body language. Changing your physicality on a dime will help you create various moods. You can go from being relaxed and cool to frustrated and aggressive with just a change in stance. Too many actors rely on words alone to convey their character’s emotions, often resulting in a one-note scare. Adding your character’s physicality can make your shock much more realistic.

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Scare Actor Lines

Above all else, know how to scream like a monster!

If you want to be a top-notch scare actor, you must get comfortable shrieking like a banshee. Screaming is an essential part of the scare actor’s repertoire and is also one of the most challenging skills to master. Too much screaming can quickly become grating and lose its effect. And too little screaming can make your character feel less threatening.

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