With two locations: Palm Beach and Broward County




    JUNE 17TH

    . 8 WEEK COURSE: MONDAY'S, 6:30-9:30pm. Cost: $240


    S.E 15 th Terrace, Deerfield Beach, Fl 33441 (Do not mail here, use P.O Box)

    CALL TO REGISTER: 561 - 483 5999 or 954 - 608 1606

    Students have described this workshop as life changing!

    As profiled by "Spotlight on the Arts" T.V, Sun Sentinel, New Times, Boca Magazine

    Write checks and mail to; 'The Actors Workshop of South Florida', P.O Box 5134, Deerfield Beach, Fl 33442 Attach Name, address and phone #

    No cash refunds after completion of first class. Transfer of 8wk may be optional.

    Best Acting SchoolAn intensive 8 week program, including vocal exercises, improvisation, scene work and professional acting sides. Taught in New York and Los Angeles, even the newest individual to acting gains techniques and tools giving every student consistent ability as an actor. Focused on the individuals own ability this workshop has been described by students as life changing.
    For adults interested in tapping into their creative side, improving public speaking and presentation skills, overcoming shyness and gaining confidence, looking to have fun or seeking a professional career in acting.
    We bring together people of all backgrounds and ages, ranging from late teens to seventies, in a safe environment. We are reasonably priced so that students can afford to participate in the 'Ongoing' class without financial hardship.

    For further details contact the Director at 561-483 5999 or 954-608 1606

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    Actors Workshop

    THE ACTORS WORKSHOP OF SOUTH FLORIDA 'ONGOING WORKSHOP' Is the only established 'Ongoing Workshop', in the Palm Beach/Broward area.
    We offer the actor a 'roof over their head', to continue to hone their craft, at a minimal cost. We network industry information, upcoming auditions, including working with agents, film makers, directors and photographers; prepare for auditions, focus on monologues, and with intensive scene work concentrate on consistency which will take the actor from audition through production in theatre, film and television. With interest from the industry, we present showcases, and continue to develop opportunities for our actors to work at their craft, with special workshops, 'Short Programs' including classes such as "On-camera/cold reading" and also private classes, all offered to our students at a minimal cost, to offer our students the most consistent training in this profession.
    Our repertory theatre company continues to produce plays and allow students to build their experience and resume. This program has trained and prepared our students to become consistently working actors not only in Florida but nationally, if choosing to further pursue their passion, always with the continued support of the 'Ongoing' workshop.  
    It is necessary to have completed the '8-week program' to be invited into the 'Ongoing Workshop', so that the student has a full understanding of the technique, and feels prepared to join their fellow actors as a member of  'THE ACTORS WORKSHOP OF SOUTH FLORIDA'.

    For further details contact the Director at 561-483 5999 or 954-608 1606

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    Acting Workshop

    THE ACTORS WORKSHOP OF SOUTH FLORIDA, offers private tutoring, personally taught by the director, Jane Kelly. For the actor who wants to prepare, or the individual who would like to gain more confidence in presentation skills, we format a program to meet your needs. You can learn this consistent acting technique and gain first hand insight into the industry, including how to prepare for auditions, headshots and resumes, and what the casting director is looking for. Vocalization technique is also a focus in our private classes. Our individual private training approach, has also gained respect with members of the news media, authors preparing for book tours and corporations seeking to further optimize their approach.Onset instruction is also available.

    For further details contact the Director at 561-483 5999 or 954-608 1606

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    . Ages 9 yrs and older.

    . Enrollment limited to 20 participants per session.

    . One week sessions June 4 - 8 / June 11- 15.

    . Hours 9 - 3p.m. (After care available with advance notice)

    . Cost per week $700. (2 week participation discount)

    . Payment deadline May 14. (Accepted payment check or M/O. No credit cards)

    . No provision of lunches or snacks, students pack their own. Microwave & fridge available.

    OUR PROGRAMS INCLUDE: An intensive program, including vocal and relaxation exercises, improvisation, audition techniques and scene work. As taught in New York and Los Angeles, this program gives young student's techniques to gain more formidable training to advance their interest in acting whether to gain confidence or audition for drama schools or our industry. We focus on the individual's own ability allowing the student to tap into their creative side, improve public speaking and presentation skills, overcome shyness, have fun and gain insight into the professional world of acting. Taught by TAWSF founding director Jane Kelly, who started working professionally at 9 years of age, and understands not only what the industry expects of a young actor but what a young person is capable of expecting of themselves.

    Write checks and mail to; 'The Actors Workshop of South Florida', P.O Box 5134, Deerfield Beach, Fl 33442 Attach Name, address and phone #


    The Actors Workshop for Young People is focused on the individual students own ability and aspirations to understand the possibilities of becoming a creative performer or seek a career. Taught in New York and Los Angeles, this program includes vocal exercises, improvisation, audition techniques, scene and monologue study, understanding the business, culminating in a showcase for family and friends. This workshop allows the student to tap into their creative side, improve public speaking and presentation skills, overcome shyness, have fun and gain insight into the professional world of acting.

    'THE ACTORS WORKSHOP OF SOUTH FLORIDA' offers both private tutoring and workshops for teens, whether auditioning for drama school, or learning how to pursue a career in the business. At this time, programs are subject to individual request.

    For further details contact the Director at 561-483 5999 or 954-608 1606

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    1 & 4 Week Programs. Wednesdays, 7.00-10.00p.m.

    Payments to be received one week in advance of class start date.

    . IMPROVISATION: Wednesday, June 5-26. $100.

    Release your inner child! Whether looking to develop your skills as an actor, or just to have fun

    . GETTING CAST 101: Wednesday, July 3. $50.

    The casting director know's what they are looking for; do you? Learn what it really takes to build a career in the business of acting. Take your talent to the next level.



    (See detailed class descriptions below) Payments to be received 1 week in advance of start date.

    CALL TO REGISTER: 561-483 5999 or 954-608 1606

    You do not have to be an "Ongoing" workshop member to participate.

    Getting Cast 101: The casting director knows what they are looking for, do you?" This popular and insightful program answers all of those question's, that have you guessing, whether you have experience or not. Taught by professional actress, singer, director, producer and one time Los Angeles casting director, this workshop is an opportunity for you to learn what it really takes to build a career in the business of acting, from training, getting an agent and knowing which questions to ask and find the right working dynamic, to auditioning and getting cast, what do you need to know? If you are serious about taking your talent to the next step you need to understand how the industry thinks.

    Know Your Type: Learning who you present in this business, from how you look to taking your headshot's, meeting an agent to auditioning and working, you must know how the casting director see's you, to have the optimum opportunity to work. Through the use of breakdowns, script's and one on one feedback from director Jane Kelly, who saw her profession from the other side when she worked as a casting director in Los Angeles for two years, this workshop will empower you to know what it takes to be cast.

    On-Camera/Cold read: One of our most popular workshop's, our student's learn how their technique and training is relevant in all mediums film, television, commercial and theatre, to optimize the actor's opportunities and catch those bad habit's before the casting director does! This workshop is as close as you will get to the experience of auditioning before auditioning, from learning how to analyze and make choices from your first script, to presenting exactly who you intended in front of that camera, to get that job. At the completion of this workshop you can also obtain reel.

    Cold-Read Script Intensive: An actor cannot get enough cold read script experience, that 1st read, 1st audition, is exactly why it is called a cold read. Along with On-camera and Improvisation more auditions are requiring the skills which come with bringing the character and words alive immediately. This workshop will focus on putting all the pieces together from a variety of individual and scene scripts.

    Audition Techniques: Whether for commercials, film, television or theatre, there are skills in auditioning that can set your talent apart from actually getting the job. This workshop will give you specific tools that prepare you to your optimum to get that job and not sabotage your audition. Taught by Jane Kelly, who was also a casting director in Los Angeles, and recognised the difference between the actor's perspective and the business perspective.

    Improvisation: This workshop free's up the child within! Known for it's fun and freedom of expression improvisation also has the ability to free up the body, mind and spirit, so whether looking to develop your skill's as an actor, away from the structure of scripts, or simply to have fun this workshop gives you long term skills to handle those awkward thoughts which want to get in the way!

    Shakespeare 101: Taught by Jane Kelly who began her early career with London's original "Globe Theatre", this workshop takes an inspiring and refreshing look at the Bard's words revealing their relevance and joy in the 21st century, allowing the student a better understanding of the classics and taking the confusion out of the dialogue. So whether you are approaching schools or seeking a new perspective, this workshop will combine improvisation, scripts and individual experience to uncover the mystery of William Shakespeare and return to the fun and relevance of his words.

    Voice and Diction: Learn the use of your voice as an instrument through vocalization, articulation and confidence. Your voice is as individual to you as your physical appearance. So whether looking to gain confidence, better projection and accent skills as a performer or overcome accent barriers, this workshop uses a series of exercises for speech and breathing, that can easily be used in the long term and empower you to choose who the world hears you to be. Even more than overcoming articulation, projection, accents and dialects, this workshop will also focus the needs of interviews and presentation, from work, one on one or groups, from auditions to the media, so that you can optimize who you present to the world!

    Monologue Study: Monologues may be one of the most important parts in an actor's repertoire. Whether preparing for an upcoming audition for theatre or film, or struggling to find that perfect monologue, we offer you one on one training in a private or group class, with techniques that will be used long after, you will learn to makes choices to find the right monologue and that help you find your character immediately and consistently. A dvd can also be made available to add to your professional reel.

    Self-Taping: TAWSF proud to stay current with our professional industry transitions and standards, presented this class in 2015, as our talent found themselves responsible for taping their own auditions, sometimes necessary to upload within a couple of hours. This class will make you confident from taping, editing, uploading, equipment and programs necessary, giving you insights even you didn't realize are expected.

    For further details contact the Director at 561-483 5999 or 954-608 1606

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